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Radio Stations in Russia (9 class)

Radio Stations in Russia.

There are more than 1000 radio stations in Russia nowadays.

The most popular stations are  AvtoRadio,  Humor FM. Chanson Radio. Europa Plus RadioLove Radio

Mayak Radio. Russkoe Radio and  many others.

The oldest radio station among those is Mayak Radio, it is more than 50 years already,. It was the first radio in Russia which broadcasted much music and only good news.

Now almost all radio stations are not commercial, but they broadcast the advertisment for money to be able to survive in the world of competition.

The most popular radio stations usually transmit much popular music, interview with populas persons. In every town and city of Russia there are also local radio station. There is a radio station in our town, it is called Ussuriisk radio, It broadcast much popular music and tells us about the most important news of our town. I like to listen to Ussuriisk radio.

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